Thursday 16 April 2020



Cannot Buy GTA IV on Steam - Is The Message

No, you didn’t read wrong! According to calculation of multiple users and players on the web, developers at Rockstar are reportedly testing GTA IV on mobile phones, especially devices with Android.
Who did the hole was the Brazilian Player, Helton da Silva. He caught and “printou” the image of the profile of Gary Foreman (one of the founders of Rockstar) in the Social Club. The image of the profile shows Gary online and with the following caption: “Grand Theft Auto IV on Android”.
The breakthrough came thanks to a public channel (APK FOR MOBILE) that shows not only the images, but also video recorded directly from the console, showing more of a Rockstar with the phrase “Grand Theft Auto IV on Android”.
The news can catch many by surprise, and certainly, it would break the cycle of Rockstar to launch GTA games for Android and iOS, only in the 10 years anniversary of each title. But remember that in 29 April 2016, GTA 4 do 8 years, and if it is true, a release of the game, at least for more powerful devices, it’s pretty easy to happen.
There’s more! Chris Grant, who works as a Beta Tester on Rockstar, is posting multiple images of GTA V since the beginning of the year of 2015. In the images, it is possible to notice a certain downgrade in graphics of the game, something which may indicate that it is a version for mobile devices.
Requires Android: 4.4 and Up
Version: 1.13.19
MODE: offline
How to run :- Click here
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