Friday 20 July 2018

Los Angeles Crimes APK GTA 5 Android

Los Angeles Crimes APK GTA 5 Android Unity MOD APK 1.9

This is a beta version that allows you to appreciate all the delights of realistic graphics and see on your smartphone something that once flaunted on the most top-end computers and consoles of the latest generation. In this beta there is a small area, where you can walk, ride cars and motorcycles, jump from the springboards, etc.This is a test version! There are no assignments and an open world. Only a small piece of land, some weapons and several vehicles in order to assess physics, graphics and plausibility with respect to the current GTA 5.
This is not a whole game,just a single stage where you can experience different aspects like NPC,Car or Bike. you can do is try these functions and you will feel like playing GTA5 on Android. well its a fan made game built on Unity Engine. you can watch different videos regarding this beta game. Its just a small fan made game and nothing else. i will keep updating this beta whenever new update arrives so bookmark this page.
Requires Android: 4.0 and Up
Version: 1.9 PVE and 1.1 for Online
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