Thursday 24 August 2017

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK MOD Unlimited Money

After almost 2 years, Developers Nekki brings Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK MOD on to Android. Its almost same as its currently free version but this premium edition has something different. It has No Ads and No Energy Bar. Now you can play SF2 Special Premium Edition even without waiting for energy filling.You can instantly fill up your addiction bar as well. Another big update which i would consider a plus point is that it has brand new story chapter which is not available in the freemium version. But its still has IAPs for Money so if you download Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition MOD APK HACK then you will get Unlimited money for purchasing new weapons and armors.
Shadow Fight 2 is known for its compact and easy combat system and gameplay. A dark themed game MADE so many FANS that even big AAA titles failed to do that. SF2 is compatible with almost all the Android devices due to its optimization. Most of all you can play Shadow Fight games offline which is a big advantage.Now if you are thinking of trying special edition then i would suggest you to must try it because its totally worth it. Now you will have more premium content to enjoy. skip those IAP parts and give some time in farming for upgrades but its all worth it.
Story about darkness, story about a warrior who wields his weapons to kill all of his enemies.I wont spoil the ending here but its all worth it. since shadow fight 3 launched you will be having brand new colorful graphics because in SF2’s last mission you will be clearing all the darkness and free the world from the darkness.If you have played SF2 freemium Edition and played till the last level then i will suggest you to try Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition APK MOD.
Features Of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition:-
No Ads,No Energy Bar and Brand New Chapter to Play
Follow amazing SF combat system
Uncover Secrets in Story Mode
No Need of grinding in Premium Edition
Astonishing and unique Designed gameplay and graphics
Play offline or online as you like
Hundreds of weapons to collect
What’s In The MOD APK:-
Unlimited Money
Requires Android: 4.1 and Up
Version: 1.0
Install APK and Play.

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